Startup Camp 2019 is open! - Chalmers Ventures

Startup Camp 2019 is open!

Dear entrepreneur, researcher or innovator!

This year our Startup Camp is radically changed. We have done a total make-over and has given it a new structure.

The camp will have qualifying rounds and in the end five teams out of 20 will be given the chance to pitch for an intake into our awarded Accelerator.

What is Startup Camp?

Startup Camp is a program run by Chalmers Ventures which aims to validate new business ideas and introduce your team to our business coaches. During the program you will go through a set of tailored workshops and coaching sessions which will prepare your team for the next stage, our accelerator program. During the camp we expect participating in all scheduled events.

Qualifying rounds

Startup Camp will have qualifying rounds and in the end 5 out of 20 teams will be given the chance to pitch for a spot our awarded accelerator program.

If accepted into the accelerator program, you and your team will gain access to our experienced business coaches, vast network and will be offered the opportunity to pitch for pre-seed financing 300.000 SEK.

Your mission during Startup Camp
• Validate the customer/user need
• Become ready for our Accelerator
• Create a great pitch

The application for Startup Camp is open for any team that wants to solve a problem and start a business. Just bring the skills necessary.