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We are a leading deep tech investor & venture builder in the Nordics. Taking deep tech from lab to market.

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From lab to market

Welcome to a leading deep tech investor and venture builder in the Nordics

We have a unique setup that combines venture creation and tech investments within a single organization. This advantage enables us to identify new research and deep tech opportunities with both commercial and impact potential, all within Chalmers’ entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are experts in starting up companies based on deep tech and research in the most effective manner possible. This process allows us to cultivate our own high-quality deal flow in which we invest and become active owners.

Throughout the entire journey, we function as investors and venture builders until exit. Profits are reinvested through our evergreen model and allocated to Chalmers to support new, groundbreaking research.


Our process: from lab to market

We use our long experience to create conditions required for a growth company to start up correctly and with the right structural capital.

We are then involved in the startup through competence and capital until exit.

Simply put: we take groundbreaking research from lab to market.

– Deep tech / research based tech

– University spinouts

– Global commercial and impact potential

– We identify market potential in research-based tech 

– We match the team

– We invest in and startup the company

– We attract competent capital with external VCs

– We have active ownership until exit


We attract, seek out and evaluate research and technology ideas. The technologies with the greatest potential are matched with entrepreneurs.


Create the basic conditions to shape companies correctly and build structural capital. We are involved in starting up the companies and provides additional benefits during that first critical period.


Validating business model, working for paying customers and unlocking the business model. Find the right proof points to validate and verify the company’s unique idea to both the market and investors.


Becoming sustainable growth companies reaching out to an international market. Chalmers Ventures works with its skills as active owners, provides professional governance and syndicates the right growth capital.


Chalmers Ventures pursues a positive exit strategy at what it feels is the right time. We can focus our resources on those companies with the greatest potential and positive impact on the portfolio.



Get the right help and necessary capital, competence and community required to bring your research or startup to the next level.



Read about our investments in our companies. We can guide you on how to invest in some of Sweden's top tech growth companies.

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