Venture Day 2023 - Chalmers Ventures

November 8th | 2023

The new #deeptech playbook

Where #deeptech and impact investments meet

Attending investors

Countries: United Kingdom | United States | Norway | Denmark | Finland | Belgium | Germany | Luxembourg | Switzerland | Sweden

Active Capital Ltd
Alliance Venture
Almi Invest
Almi Invest GreenTech
Butterfly Ventures
Chalmers Ventures
Crowberry Capital
Earlybird Venture Capital
European Investment Bank
Fairpoint Capital
Farvatn Venture
Gomero Group AB (publ)
ICP Ventures
IKEA of Sweden
Imec Xpand
Intergalactic Industries
Klimatet Invest
Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslän
Latour Future Solutions AB
Lendau Capital AB
Longrun Capital
Navigare Ventures
NOON Ventures
Nordic Angels
Perpressa Invest
Planet A Ventures
Preseed Ventues
Prima Materia
Qalora Capital
SEB Greentech Venture Capial
Seven District
SIBA Invest AB
Spintop Ventures
Stena New Ventures AB
Sundqvist Capital AB
Vala Capital
Västkustens Affärsänglar
Vätterledens Ventures
Venture Solutions
Voima Ventures
Volvo Cars Cooperation
Volvo Cars TechFund
Volvo Group Venture Capital
Walerud Ventures

Venture Day Program | 2023

Morning pre-conference


Nasdaq Morning

We kickstart the day with discussions, networking, and mingling, and, of course, we open the stock market live from the main stage.

Morning coffe/sandwich and mingle.

Welcome | Opening of Stock Market | Bell Ringing Ceremony live from Venture Day Main Stage

Expert Panel: ”Taking a scale up to the stock market. IPOs and knowledge in turbulent times”.

Sponsor: Vinge

vinge venture day chalmers ventures

Helena Ribbefors

Moderator | Head of Legal | Chalmers Ventures

Alexander Hellström

CEO | Lumen Radio

Håkan Sjögren

Managing Director | Nasdaq

Anders Strid

Lawyer & Partner | Vinge

Håkan Krook

Investment Director | Chalmers Ventures


Opening & welcome

Let’s open Venture Day main event by listening to some of the leading minds within deep tech.


Chapter 1

Format: panel discussion

The new #deeptech playbook:
forms of funding

Topic: The importance of capital from multiple actors

Sponsor: Exportkreditnämnden

Sara Wallin

Moderator | CEO | Chalmers Ventures

Maxime Pawlowski

Venture Capital | EIB, European Investment Bank

Karl Bergman

CEO | Elypta


Chapter 2

Format: panel discussion

The new #deeptech playbook:
the scientists are part of the journey

Topic: #AI and the quantum leap

Sponsor: Amazon Web Services

Ana Maria Popescu

Moderator | Chalmers Ventures

Devdatt Dubhashi

Scientist | Chalmers University of Technology | Repli5 & Embedl

Salla Franzén

Investment Manager | Navigare Ventures

Manuel Gómez

Associate Solutions Architect | Amazon Web Services


Chapter 3

Format: pitches & conversation

The new #deeptech playbook:
the companies seek competent capital

Topic: Finding competent investors.

Sponsor: Norma

NORMA_chalmers ventures ventures day

Sofie Allert

Founder & CEO | Swedish Algae Factory

Milton Lönnroth

Founder & CEO | Atley Solutions

Jonas Sandwall

Moderator | Chalmers Ventures


Chapter 4

Format: Trendspotting keynote

The new #deeptech playbook:
know thy future

Topic: Our next thirty years in three minutes

Niklas Bergman

Deep Tech investor & Futurologist | Intergalactic Industries


Chapter 5

Format: fireside chat

The new #deeptech playbook:
long-term investors

Topic: How to prepare for the future as deep tech investors

Marika Svärdström

Founder & CIO | Active Capital

Peter Wolpert

CEO Industrifonden

Niklas Bergman

Deep Tech investor & Futurologist | Intergalactic Industries

Jonas Sandwall

Moderator | Chalmers Ventures


1:1 Meetings session 1

Format: 20 minute meetings VC & startup

Meetings are booked through the B2Match app och website.

Each VC will have a booth where meetings take place.

Please see map.


Lunch & network mingle

Take a bite and grab someone to talk to


1:1 Meetings session 2

Format: 20 minute meetings VC & startup

Meetings are booked through the B2Match app och website.

Each VC will have a booth where meetings take place.

Please see map.


#deeptech showcase


Listen to some of our deep tech portfolio companies during a great pitch session.

16:00 – Doors open
Snacks | Drinks | Mingle

16:30 – Pitches
Live pitches with a VC jury panel

17:30-20:00 – After party
Food | Drinks | Music

Acceleration pitch

Our newest startups

Every year some of our newest portfolio companies pitch in Accelerattion Pitch to win the pitch of the year. Make sure to check them out.

The winner will be announced on Venture Day.

Endre | Pitch 1

ANYO Labs | Pitch 3

Ambidex | Pitch 2

Enweave | Pitch 4

Let's match competent capital w/ deep tech and entrepreneurs.

Partners & sponsors

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