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Venture Creation

Chalmers Ventures offers a world-class venture creation process take take research and ideas from the lab to market.

Our deal flow focus is #deeptech and university spin-outs.

Before a startup becomes a portfolio comapny and joines the main Venture Program, we have three tracks to asses, build and startup.


We have three tracks that will take your research  from lab to market.

The process in all three tracks is to evaluate and assess the business potential in each specific case.

During the tracks we work as Venture Builders helping your team to start up and turn the tech into a company.

If the correct critera are met, Chalmers Ventures will invest and make the startup part of the portfolio.

Tech transfer

Researchers & university spinouts

This is for you as a reaseracher if you want to be an active part in the startup.

This track helps you to utilize your research through commercialization.

Tech Matching

For Encubation

Encubation will match your tech or research idea with a team of entrepreneurs. 

During one year the entrepreneurs will work with assessing the business potential in tech/idéa.

Startup Camp: Deep tech

For researchers

This is your opportunity to fast-track your journey together with one of the leading venture builders in the Nordic. 

This track helps researchers to utilize their ideas though commercialization.


We would love to answer your questions and guide you.

Please book a meeting in Venture Guidance and we will help you on your way.

Venture Guidance

Start your journey by scheduling a 15 min Venture Guiding session.