Wavi - Chalmers Ventures


When cutting metals in an industrial fashion, metalworking fluids are applied to the tool and the workpiece to remove the swarf, to lubricate the shear zone, and to cool the tool and the workpiece. Over time, this metalworking fluid ages, which can cause bacterial growth if the metalworking fluid is not maintained properly, among other negative implications for the production quality. To keep the fluid’s condition well, the concentration and the pH value of the metalworking fluid have to be kept at a certain level at all times.

Today, workers have to manually measure the concentration and pH value of metalworking fluids in fixed intervals. By doing so, they have to get in contact with the often hazardous metalworking fluid. Wavi Analytics automates these manual measurements and notifies their customers when maintenance of metalworking fluid is needed.

This way, workers have to get in contact with the metalworking fluid less often, while the metalworking fluid’s condition is kept at the optimal range all the time. As an effect, the lifetime of the metalworking fluid is extended 2-4 times, leading to a more environmental usage of metalworking fluids, as well as fewer health issues for workers.