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The climate crisis puts more and more pressure on building owners to renovate their buildings to reduce energy demand and carbon emissions. At the same time, the European building stock is relatively old and in need of extensive renovation measures. In Sweden alone more than half of the 2.4 million apartment units were built before 1980, out of which more than 300 000 apartments are in urgent need of renovation. This growing backlog of renovation needs together with limited resources and manual and short-term planning processes makes it difficult for building owners to address these issues.

SINOM is a digital and smart alternative to the manual and traditional ways of maintenance and renovation planning. SINOM´s web-based planning tool builds on a unique algorithm to enable fast, optimized and data-driven maintenance and renovation planning for buildings and building portfolios. Using the SINOM webtool, building owners can map their renovation needs and quickly and easily generate maintenance and renovation plans that are optimized and prioritized based on a life-cycle perspective which saves costs, time and reduces the energy and climate impact of their buildings!