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Omen Technologies

With the great promise of connected systems and industries, there are also new threats; in our quest to reap the benefits of connectedness, we have become increasingly vulnerable to new forms of attacks using our connectedness against us. Lately, we have seen nuclear powerplants, industries, smart vehicles, power grids and a great deal of personal equipment being hacked and sabotaged on a systematic scale. Omen Technologies can create safety in these areas by detecting faults and intrusions in a wide range of applications with its patented and new technology of detecting anomalies in system behavior. What renders this technology special is its accuracy in detecting failures and intrusions and its ability to run on very limited hardware in most applications since it is hardware-agnostic. Omen Technologies foresees that its technology will be used for fault and intrusion detection, predictive maintenance, and system-validations in many different settings, providing safety, security, yielding more energy and cost-efficient processes to groups of all sizes ranging from individuals to corporations and governments.