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One billion people lack access to safe drinking water. Bacterial contamination is a major issue, which causes millions of deaths each year. The increasing pollution of freshwater gradually limits the availability of the world’s already scarce drinking water resources. In addition, water quality analyses take days to produce results, which is problematic as the water is usually consumed immediately when tapped up.

By shortening the time it takes to detect bacteria and other harmful components in water down to a few minutes, we extinguish the risk of people unknowingly consuming contaminated water and falling ill or even dying from it. As our patentable sensor technology is not of chemical nature, we remove the need of lab facilities and manual labor to detect bacteria, for the first time ever. Our potential customers range from well-developed waterworks to actors in rural areas. As filtering and treatment of water is expensive and complex, we see the opportunity to contribute on a global scale by e.g. issuing boiling recommendations when the water is too contaminated to drink.