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Intended Future

Perceived quality is one of the most critical aspects for successful product design. The Industry needs to focus on the right things to sustain fierce competition.

We solve problems for:

– Engineers – in product development, time and money are the scarcest resources. Billion-dollar decisions often rely on predictions and assumptions about how a customer will perceive a product.

– Designers – the design process is filled with biases and stereotypes, making it normative and gendered. Data-driven thinking and A/B tests are valuable allies, but they’re not a replacement for clear-headed, strong decision-making.

– Humans – people want quality products designed with a consideration of inclusivity and sustainability. The only problem is there are not many.

Our solution:

– Analytics as a Service (AaaS) platform for evaluating the perceived quality of products and future product design.

– A consistent and repeatable methodology that brings human senses into the measurable space of numbers.

– Intended Future tells what’s truly important for the customers with 10x times cost reduction compared to a “conventional” customers clinic.

Our Advantage:

– We match big numbers with engineering knowledge: Human Senses and Product Quality. Scientific mindset: years of research and proven methodology lead to repeatability of results.

– We can predict the perceived quality of future products. Making a rational trade-off.

– We track human bias and facilitate inclusive design.

– Our goal is to bring tailor-made AI algorithms to help experts make mindful design decisions.