Destly - Chalmers Ventures


Destly was founded in 2010 and the founders, a married couple, took on Visit Technology as a partner at an early stage. The contact was made through a recommendation and the technical platform brought by Visit seemed a perfect fit for Destly.

The business was to solve the problem of finding the right hotel at the right price, and that many hotel rooms were left vacant. Starting in 2012, Destly conducted flash sales for travel offers towards Nordic customers. A similar concept, Voyage Privé, was already live in France.

Together with Chalmers Innovation, Destly was able to establish and position themselves on the market. That led to them being acquired by Europes fastest growing company in the segment, Travelbird (Rocket Internet).

Industry: Internet
Business: Online platform/member site for sales if travel and hotels
Market: Scandinavia
Customers: Hotels & Consumers
Revenue model: Revenue share with hotels and partners.