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In order to enable autonomous vehicles, reliable sensors and secure communication between vehicles are required. With more and more radar sensors on our roads, they risk Interfering with each other and thus negatively affecting the information that the car acts on.

By integrating communication and radar sensors, Radchat can proactively eliminate radar interference, improve the functionalities of radar sensors and open up new possibilities in data sharing and communication.

Our innovation has a long background in Chalmers research and is developed with leading industry partners. Our vision is to offer software solutions for communication via radar with a goal of increasing the safety of automotive sensors and improving the capabilities of vehicle communications in order to dave lives.


Heap is a peer-to-peer car service where individuals can rent out their car when it is not in use. The service is completely digital so there is no need for the owner and the renter to meet, everything is handled in the Heap-app. To rent a car you simply choose the car you want to book, find it and unlock it through the app.

Cars in urban environments unused 95% of the time. This is not sustainable and it is something we want to change. Heap offers a simple and affordable alternative to other services that are often too expensive for everyday use.