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When we recycle plastic, it becomes weaker. Recycled plastic is rarely used in high performance applications because it is too weak compared to virgin plastic. Simply put, there is little incentive to use weak recycled waste – which is part of the reason we only recycle 33% in Europe.

Glenntex innovates and develops material solutions which improve the properties of polymers and post-consumer plastic. We are building a more sustainable relationship with plastic through improving the upcycling of waste plastic to reduce the need for virgin material, whilst improving product longevity. Using state of the art research developed at Chalmers University of Technology, our graphene-related innovation can make waste plastic more attractive for higher use applications including sports equipment and textiles. In short, we improve both performance and sustainability.


Ophena develops innovative equestrian products, which redefine safety, performance, and style for the ambitious rider. Their first product – a revolutionary magnetic safety stirrup – was launched in May 2019. With a product rating of solid 4.94/5 stars (independently verified customer reviews), this product lays the foundation for expansion and growth. Already now, Ophena has customers in over 35 countries and several new products in the pipeline.


GuineaPig wants to help people understand and improve their health and fitness. The company is pursuing the third SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) from the United Nations: “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.” Guineapig achieves by building a whole new type of digital health & fitness coaching service. By automatically deliver a tailored coaching experience through chatbot technologies, the user can comfortably consume the service where they already spend most of their screen time. Guineapig has implemented their service on Facebook Messenger, and plan to expand to all of the world’s major communication platforms.