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LayerLogic’s advanced biosensor technology rivals the sensitivity of PCR tests but offers the distinct advantages of full portability and immediate digital results. Capable of detecting and quantifying any bacteria, virus, fungi, or molecule, our biosensors ensure rapid and precise monitoring in various products and environments, such as fish, cheese, and food production facilities. This enables real-time quality control, minimizes contamination risks, and upholds the highest food safety standards. With LayerLogic, customers benefit from a secure and reliable production process, reduced costs across the supply chain, and decreased food waste. Ultimately, our technology not only prevents serious illnesses but also boosts revenue. It all boils down to one critical factor: TIME.

Galaxy Biosolutions

We’re at the forefront of developing cutting-edge fermentation-based technologies using tailored microbes. Our focus spans across the realms of microbes and fermentation processes, designed to make an impact in diverse industries including food, pharmaceuticals, and biochemistry. Join us on our journey of innovation and discovery!


ANYO Labs is an early drug discovery company with a novel patent pending artificial intelligence scoring method unlike any other on the market. With the help of molecular biology scientists and professor, this unique method allows for extreme data and energy efficient ways of finding drug compounds for further testing in the lab and clinical trials. 

The market potential is very large and is targeted towards chemisty research facilities as well as small and big pharmacauticul institutions. 

We have incorporated in december 2022, secured funding from Chalmers Ventures, have validated our technolgy through benchmarks, case studies, customer interviews, a pilot project, and are in discussion with a research facility as well as a global pharmaceutical company about further projects and further collaboration. We have also recently filed for a patent. We are now looking into synthesising our own compounds and compare them to our predicted parameters to validate our technology even further. 


Lanterna’s patent pending FBAs introduce no substantial steric bulk to RNA-sequences and have excellent emissive properties. They enable nucleic acid sequences to form secondary structures with maintained canonical base-pairing and thermodynamic stability. Compared to other labeling options, there is also less impact on lipophilicity. The end result is a labeled nucleic acid that retains more of its native behavior.

Beat Vascular Health

Overadmission of patients with suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) is a big problem in healthcare and can be as much as 80% of the admitted patients, vastly increasing healthcare expenditure and workload.

Beat Vascular Health is developing a decision support tool that has the potential to be a game-changer for diagnosing suspected ACS patients. The uniqueness of the tool lies in the way it processes input data from different sensor types. This, combined with machine learning, results in a tool that can produce a more precise answer on whether or not a patient has ACS. With our system, we aim to greatly reduce the overadmission of suspected ACS patients, resulting in less healthcare expenditure and workload, as well as reducing the number of patients having to go through unnecessary diagnostic testing.


Fluicell is an innovative life science company dedicated to providing single-cell microfluidic research tools and services for scientists worldwide. We deliver easy-to-use solutions for your research needs in single-cell biology, electrophysiology, single-cell bioprinting and tissue modelling.

Envue Technologies

Imaging biomolecules like proteins is critical in fundamental life science research and drug development, but studying these tiny objects is beyond of what is possible with the conventional microscopes. Several single molecule detection methods have therefore been developed but they require modifications of the molecules that could lead to changes of their intrinsic properties thus biological function, which can result in incorrect conclusions. Envue Technologies offers a revolutionizing patent-pending optical technology called Nanofluidic Scattering Microscopy (NSM) that can provide imaging of single biomolecules in the nanometer size without modifications. The unique combination of microscopic device, nanofluidic chip, and software for data analysis enables real-time data of both molecular weight and size, and these parameters can be used to extract further information about the investigated molecules.


Navari is solving a navigation-issue that surgeons encounter during laparoscopic liver surgery when removing liver tumours. Today, the most beneficial way for the patient is to have a tumour removed minimally-invasive, i.e. through laparoscopic surgery. However, surgeons face a big challenge when operating through a limited point of view, trying to orient themselves via the laparoscopic camera. By using existing gadgets and screens in the surgery room, Navari develops a software that provides the surgeon with a live-streamed augmented reality image on top of the already existing image provided by the laparoscopic camera. This helps the surgeons to orient themselves during the surgery, enabling them to locate and remove the tumour in the safest way possible.


Knee ligament injuries are a global health problem, soft tissue knee injuries have a yearly incidence of 14 000 only in Sweden. The rehabilitation processes typically involve several time-consuming steps. Wrong diagnosis contributes to remaining problems, prolonged rehabilitation and increased risk of secondary injuries. Active young adults are overrepresented among the injured which prevents many youths from continuing their sport career.

Kneedly provides a state-of-the-art digital solution for aiding the diagnosis of knee ligament injuries as well as a tool for monitoring the rehabilitation processes. The technology is non-invasive and uses patent pending imaging processing technologies packaged in a mobile solution for smartphones. The Kneedly solution is easy to add to a normal examination and thereby allows for a quicker assessment compared to conventional methods. The accessible technology offers the possibility for clinicians and patients to follow rehabilitation progress and allowing for an adapted rehabilitation using an objective approach.

Nyctea Technologies

The purpose of Nyctea Technologies is to increase the efficiency in the production of biological pharmaceuticals.

Antibodies, gene vectors and vaccines are effective treatments against a growing number of diseases. However, they are expensive to produce and slow to develop restricting global access to the best available pharmaceuticals. The main contributor to the cost of production, is the separation of the pharmaceutical compound from other biomolecules made by the cells during harvest.

Nyctea Technologies develops an electrode filter that can capture and release biopharmaceuticals by electronic signals. This enables a new and more efficient method of separation between biological molecules, which can increase the speed and control in development and production of life saving treatments.

The long-term ambition is to create the next generation digitalized and automated systems for every step in the biomedical industry, from production and analysis to diagnostics and drug-delivery.