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Skattio democratizes the personal tax declaration.

Skattio addresses the pressing problem of complex and stressful tax declaration for Swedish citizens. Tax season often overwhelms individuals with intricate forms, regulations, and deductions, resulting in errors and frustration.

Our innovative solution simplifies this process through advanced technology and artificial intelligence. Skattio provides a user-centric digital platform that automates much of the tax declaration procedure. Users input their data, and our AI identifies eligible deductions and ensures tax compliance. Our aim is to transform tax declaration into a hassle-free experience, sparing users from becoming tax experts themselves.

The benefits are significant. Skattio saves time, reduces stress, and minimizes errors, potentially leading to tax savings. Overall, Skattio revolutionizes tax declaration, making it accessible, efficient, and user-friendly, benefiting individuals and the community.
We are committed to simplifying taxes, one click at a time.


Enweave is developing a new innovative web service with an associated app that streamlines and enhances the sustainability efforts of small and medium-sized businesses. This is achieved by creating a digital sustainability coach that assists companies in their sustainability transition.

The need to transform operations into sustainable business models is significant, but for small and medium-sized enterprises, incorporating sustainability into their operations is challenging due to its complexity and time-consuming nature, which also leads to higher costs.

Enweave’s service eliminates the need for small and medium-sized businesses to hire external consultants to establish their sustainability efforts. This makes sustainability work economically viable while also making the companies more competitive.


Traditional control of heating systems for residential buildings relies on simple feed forward controllers that only consider the current outdoor temperature when deciding the level of the output from the heating systems. Algeno provides cloud based algorithms and services that combine AI and model predictive control (MPC) to better control the systems and reduce the energy consumption of the buildings.
The technology was developed in collaboration with Fraunhofer-Chalmers Center (FCC), Örebrobostäder, Chalmers and Energimyndigheten and is currently implemented in over 300 heating system centrals all around Sweden.
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Atlantic Quantum

The Challenge

Build scalable quantum computers to tackle the world’s hardest computational challenges

The Approach

We are reducing complexity and cost to reach error correction at scale

Atlantic Quantum is eliminating the barriers to quantum computing

  • Large error rates
  • Restricted scalability
  • Industry hype


Elvira by norgald is a cyber security tool. Elvira is a research-based software security tool. Our software application maps the system architecture of all connected components in a power grid to identify critical components and vulnerabilities in the system.

Elvira presents a comprehensive analysis of current cyber risks and consequences to enable the creation of a security strategy to build resilience against cyber attacks.


Vesiro is developing a software solution based on our patented algorithms, which enable much higher speeds for data searches in databases. By designing the solution as an add-on to our customers’ existing database, we ensure that no changes have to be made to their current system while providing a performance increase.

By the use of Vesiro’s software our customers can eliminate unnecessary time waste in their data analysis activities and utilize their resources to their full potential. The time our technology helps save will result in a reduction of costs and make employed personnel use their time more efficiently. By reducing search times in our customers’ databases, we also help reduce the energy consumed by the servers where the databases are stored. In that way, we help make digitalization more sustainable.

If you are interested in hearing more, please reach out!



Legal disputes are a disruptive element in the economy – often causing financial and even emotional stress for the involved parties. Despite the urgency of the problem it is rare to see a structured analysis of the risks and values involved.

Eperoto provides a powerful yet easy to use software tool to produce a risk-value assessment of legal disputes. We want to ensure that our users can make a rational and informed decision in handling the uncertainties of their disputes – be it a case in local court or international arbitration.


Ekonomiska tvister utgör ofta ett stort problem för inblandande parter och medför inte sällan en finansiell, tidskrävande – och ibland även känslomässig belastning för de berörda. Trots att domstolsprocesser och skiljeförfaranden ofta är långvariga och kostsamma utförs sällan någon strukturerad analys över de värden och risker som tvisten innebär..

Eperoto erbjuder ett lättanvänt men samtidigt kraftfullt verktyg så att våra användare kan fatta välgrundade beslut vid hanteringen av de osäkerheter som ekonomisk tvister innebär – oavsett om det är fråga om en tvist i domstol eller ett internationellt skiljeförfarande.


EMBEDL AB (EmbeDL) is a spin-off from the Horizon 2020 funded research project LEGaTO. The mission of EmbeDL is to commercialise its Deep Learning optimisation engine into a highly scalable service that makes DL-based AI affordable and energy efficient in embedded systems. The DL optimisation engine bridges the gap between data scientist, experts in AI algorithms, and computer engineers, experts in hardware.

EmbeDL has close connections to academic research, European industry and innovation ecosystem as well as well-established connections to venture capital.


Online retail is growing rapidly. At a staggering rate of 70% for the coming two years actually. The tougher and tougher competition make the customer service level drasticly more important. SalesByte supply a platform that enable the online retail businesses to provide a higher service level while not spending more time then today. This lead to more sales.

SalesByte is a cloud service that create a real time and virtual sales desk between the sales representant and the customer during commucation by e.g. phone or chat. SalesByte allow the customer to after the conversation get back to the information, at any time, to make the recommended purchase. SalesByte increase the possibility for the customer to make the right buy. But wait, it´s not only for online retail. Why not use is to follow up on physical store visits?

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Chat-apps are where consumers spend most of their time, making them a great place for businesses to engage with their customers. Without systems of automation, it is time-consuming to interact with a large customer base through chat. Dialogtrail is a marketing automation platform for chat-based mass communication on Facebook Messenger. Interactive & personalized marketing content creates stronger relationships between brands and consumers. Making Messenger a powerful marketing channel.