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Almost 65% of all startups fail due to bad team dynamics. With them, society loses valuable innovative solutions and the benefits they could have provided.

Kluero has developed a software that helps analyze and optimize team dynamics as quickly as in three minutes use per week. Using the latest in mathematics, psychology and data science, we have designed a true “teamApp” – by using AI we can generate valuable insights in a previously unprecedented dimension and speed. Our teamApp is like a drone that gets deployed with a team and gathers insights and generates helpful discussion points, making sure that a team can continuously improve themselves where it matters. In the near future we will even be able to suggest strategies to improve the team, as the AI learns about typical synergies with teams.

Oterlu AI AB

Oterlu AI develops state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithms to automatically detect and take action when for example someone is harassing another person in a social interaction. The technology employs Natural Language Processing to fully understand the intent of someone. This allows platforms be it a game, forum or chat to build a healthy and thriving community that continues to grow.

Digital grammars

With language technology, Digital Grammars provides multilingual machine translation that is specialised, explainable and dependable.


Winningtemp is a revolutionary technology developed to create prosperous and healthy workplaces. By using Winningtemp’s unique engine for collection of data in real-time, leaders at all levels in an organization can work pro-actively to improve HR issues such as motivation, stress, and overload – thereby reducing cost.


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