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Galaxy Biosolutions

We’re at the forefront of developing cutting-edge fermentation-based technologies using tailored microbes. Our focus spans across the realms of microbes and fermentation processes, designed to make an impact in diverse industries including food, pharmaceuticals, and biochemistry. Join us on our journey of innovation and discovery!
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Blue Foods covering very diverse foods harvested from aquatic resources can have a meaningful contribution in our transition to a healthy and sustainable future food system. However, up to 70% of processed blue foods escapes the food value chain as side streams which goes to animal feed or waste.

AquaFood provides technologies for upcycling of these valuable side streams back to human food chain.  The unique technology upcycles seafood side steams into multiple high value products such as gel-forming proteins, omega-3 rich oils, marine collagens, chitin, etc., for food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical application.

The technology, which is run at cold, can deal with the complex and sensitive nature of aquatic side streams and valorize them to high quality and functional marine ingredients. AquaFood’s technologies provide a holistic approach for increasing resource efficiency and sustainability in blue food chain.


Micvac is a Swedish food tech company with fresh ideas on how to produce chilled ready meals. The company’s innovative in-pack cooking and pasteurization create healthy, tasty and environmentally conscious meals that appeal to the modern fast-paced consumer. The meals have a long shelf life without the need for preservatives. Consumers love the fresh taste of meals made using Micvac technology and the simplicity of the “whistle when ready” signal when reheating. Micvac – fresh thinking, served.


Melt&Marble (formerly Biopetrolia) was founded as a way to provide solutions to some of today’s sustainability problems. The company originated from Jens Nielsen’s Systems and Synthetic Biology group at Chalmers University of Technology, a group known for its in-depth knowledge and world-leading expertise in synthetic biology and metabolic engineering of microbial cell factories. The company was originally founded as a patent holding company for the research group, financed by providing yeast engineering services. In 2021, the company pivoted to focus on fats for plant-based foods.