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Endre technologies

To reach climate targets we need to transform our energy system to be carbon neutral. This will require significant investments in the electric power grids that makes this transformation possible. To build an efficient electric power grid, knowing when, and where new electricity demand will be, and how it will behave is crucial. By collecting large amount of data from many different sources, endre developed a technology to build a virtual electricity future. In this virtual electricity world, users can analyze and investigate the technical and financial impact of scenarios and decisions. Through the use of endres platform, we reduce uncertainty of the future, saving both time and resources for grid operators.


The world is looking to replace the 84% fossil energy currently used on earth with sustainable options to make a minimal impact on the planet’s ecology. Hydrogen is the most promising candidate as an energy carrier and raw material to arrive to net zero carbon and beyond as soon as viable.

Smena has developed a unique and patented material that can be potentially make hydrogen cheaper to produce and safer to work with. Our material can also potentially be used to better monitor poisonous gasses such as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and ammonia, (NH3). Smena’s technology stems from world class research in physics at Chalmers University of Technology.


Accelerating the electrified society through energy analytics, protection- and control of electricity flow using machine learning and deep learning.

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Minesto develops a revolutionary concept for generating electricity from the ocean that unlocks a so far untapped renewable energy resource.

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Parans Solar Lighting

Parans Solar Lighting erbjuder solljus för inomhusmiljöer genom innovativ teknik och design. Systemet fångar in och leder vidare solens strålar in och genom fastigheten – djupt in och långt från fönster – och sprider det på ett upplevelserikt sätt.

Parans, som utvecklat och patenterat tekniken, vänder sig främst till fastighetsägare, arkitekter och globala arbetsgivare över hela världen.


Enairon is developing a system for largescale, cost efficient energy storage. If one can efficiently store energy, one can utilize energy from varying renewable energy sources such as sun and wind and phase out fossil energy. The technology is based on a new principle for compressing air which creates unique opportunities for high efficiency. The technology is patented and has already been successful in a series of prototype tests.



We live in an unsustainable world, where large amounts of drinkable water are used in our daily tasks. For example, one single laundry consumes 60 litres of fresh water. Laundry also consumes energy and releases microplastics. Mimbly’s first answer is the Mimbox, a device that lowers the water and energy consumption of laundry machines while stopping microplastics. By recycling laundry water, Mimbly’s customers can preserve the environment and save money in the same time, effortlessly.


Soot Tech’s patented HISS technology transforms your steam sootblowing system into an effective tool that handles clogging and increases the efficiency of your power and recovery boilers.


Modvion offers a modular, high altitude tower while simplifying transportation. The company builds with a light, low cost, and renewable material: laminated timber. The tower reduces production cost by 40 % and the cost of wind energy by 6 %. Increased yield due to 40 % lower tower cost -> 6 % lowered cost of wind energy.

  • Simplified logistics in inaccessible areas
  • CO2 -neutral wind power from the first kWh
  • Enhanced local acceptance of wind power due to the material
  • Reduced weight

ReVibe Energy

By turning vibrations into electricity, ReVibe makes sensor systems completely autonomous and powers the Industrial Internet of Things.