Braviz - Chalmers Ventures
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The journey toward Digital transformation in Industries is creating a very fragmented data ecosystem. Engineers need to make decisions based on data, but the problem is that there is a lot of data, which is either not accessible or is often presented in a way that is difficult to understand. This makes data-driven operations and decision-making inefficient and unscalable.

Braviz streamlines industrial intelligence, making it more accessible and consumable for engineers. The platform serves as a hub for aggregating data and fostering ad-hoc analysis. It unifies the platform with engineer-driven analysis, and AI-assisted analytics, and seamlessly integrates with external AI models.

Our goal is to make it effortless for engineers to access the data they need for decision-making. By giving them the help of a virtual data scientist that can easily dig out insights, we make sure that engineers can focus on what they’re really good at, which makes decision-making smoother and more efficient.