Three Chalmers Innovation companies win regional SKAPA awards - Chalmers Ventures

Three Chalmers Innovation companies win regional SKAPA awards

Three of Chalmers Innovation Incubator companies has been awarded regional prizes from SKAPA. Sigmastocks and Parakey won “Framtidens innovatör” and 15 000 SEK each. TRINE won “Utvecklingspriset” and 25 000 SEK.

SKAPA is a foundation giving out awards in the memory of the great inventor Alfred Nobel. ”Framtidens innovatör”, innovator of the future, is made to inspire and support young innovators to realize their ideas. It’s open for anyone up to 30 years old to apply. VINNOVA is the organization behind SKAPA Framtidens Innovatör.

”SKAPA utvecklingspris” aim to highlight the importance of innovations in economic development. To develop economies there must be stimulance for new ideas. The main purpose of the award is to pay attention to innovators and their impact on national economics.

The regional winners are decided by ALMI, in cooperation with a local inventors association. The winners from each region will go on to the national final where a jury will decide on three winners who share 150 000 SEK in prize money.