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Streampeak moving fast into pilot stage

Streampeak’s mission is to build a communication channel between brands and the eSport audience. With a first batch of customers, Streampeak now launches a comprehensive pilot of their services.

“The initial business idea came along when I turned my gaming hobby into a professional activity. The general target audience in gaming has proven to be almost unreachable with traditional marketing channels, and the communication channel Streampeak enables, brings a level of engagement that digital marketing has not seen before”, says Co-Founder and Twitch Profile Gabriella “GrrrGabbie” Berthagen.

“The pilot has been a success for us so far. We reached our revenue goals for the next six months in only two weeks time. Streampeak has a very competent core team with deep tech focus and during the pilot we are testing a novel matching algorithm generating optimum brand influencers fit – so we are obviously excited about the near future”, says Co-Founder Hampus Lück. 

Gabriella “GrrrGabbie” Berthagen will be streaming live from Chalmersdagen today (21/3). Meet her and the Streampeak team at the Chalmers Student Union Building or watch live at

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