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Startup Camp Demo Day and Chalmers Venture Launch 2017

A lot of exciting things are happening here at Chalmers Ventures this month as we are entering into the final stages of both our Startup Camp and Encubation processes. It is time for the teams that have participated in these two startup programs to present us their progress, give us a glimpse into their recent journey and show us where they are heading next with their businesses.   

The last ten weeks have been hectic for the teams participating in Chalmers Ventures Startup Camp, batch ten. They have been working intensively on validating the customer needs for their ideas, developing a minimum viable product and creating a crisp pitch to communicate their idea. On May 23rd we will host this spring’s Startup Camp Demo Day where the teams will get up on stage to pitch their business ideas and demonstrate the progress they have made so far. The winner of the camp will be crowned during this event and the audience will get to vote for the best pitch.

A week after Startup Camp Demo Day, it will be the Encubation teams’ turn to get up on stage to show off their hard work. These teams have been working the last ten months on collaborative projects with industry or research partners to create viable businesses around early-stage technology ideas. The entrepreneurs in the Encubation program have been part of Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship for the last two years and will graduate this spring. Together with the school we are co-hosting Chalmers Venture Launch 2017 on the 30th of May. The teams will pitch their business cases, present the discoveries they have made the past year and tell us how they plan to tackle the upcoming challenges for scaling up their businesses.

We are proud to be a part of supporting these amazing venture teams and entrepreneurs and we are excited to see them present their accomplishments in these upcoming pitching events. Furthermore we look forward to follow their journey in the future. If you would like to join us in listening to their pitches and get a chance to know more about their business ideas, please sign up to the events using the following links.

Startup Camp Demo Day:

Chalmers Venture Launch 2017:

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