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Startup Camp #11 is on!

Startup camp batch #11 has finally begun! During 10 weeks, 7 teams will get inspiration, individual coaching and professional feedback, etc. Together with other amazing people they will have a lot of fun as well as starting the growth companies of tomorrow. The participating teams this time are: 

A platform that will allow companies to offer their employees an exchange program (maybe even permanent) between companies which we hope will help the companies attract more talented employers and increase their knowledge sharing.

Improving utilization of commercial buildings. Enabling increased sharing of commercial space.

Cryptal will apply the ideas of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on the Nordic, EU and world markets by building a payment platform in which users can spend cryptocurrency to buy tangible goods from large retailers and break the shackles of large banks and the likes of Visa and Mastercard.

Making every hotel guest feel as a guest throughout the city. The place where hotel guests find local information, relevant for the entirety of their stay

Team Blender
Improving the formation of well functioning teams by providing managers with adequate team composition tools. These tools provide metrics through which managers can make more informed decisions.

Trovisio develops a ”Vendor Management System (VMS)” product and the business idea is to offer the customer the best possible consultancy expertise on the market at any given time.

Viking Analitics

We build “killer apps” for the Industrial IoT world to achieve process and energy optimization. We use a powerful proprietary analytics engine that aids in building these “apps” at the click of a button.

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