Several companies from the portfolio nominated in Nordic Startup Awards! - Chalmers Ventures

Several companies from the portfolio nominated in Nordic Startup Awards!

Nordic Startup Awards is part of the Global Startup Awards which is the biggest independent startup ecosystem competition with the mission to find, recognize and connect the future-shapers of the digital age from all around the globe.

NS Awards’ are currently collecting votes on their national finalists (last year NS Awards’ experts and country partners evaluated more than 2.500 nominees before choosing their finalists) and we’re happy to see several companies from the portfolio and a colleague amongst the nominated. Don’t forget to vote!

Best AI/ Machine Learning Startup

Equilab. Our friends at Equilab have so far made it possible for 250 000 equestrians to deepen the connection with their horse by making hidden information about their training visible. For that, they are now nominated in the category ‘Best AI/Machine Learning Startup’. Visit for more information!

Founder of the Year & Best Newcomer

Isabella Palmgren & Mimbly. Mimbly change the way we use water by creating sustainable water solutions. Isabella Palmgren is the founder and co-founder of Mimbly, which was earlier this year voted among the top 50 impact companies in the Nordics. Visit for more information!

Best Hardware Startup

Ride Q.  Annika Ridington & Elisabeth Carlund are the people behind this innovative startup. Ride-Q has developed a digital system with an app that assists horseback riders in learning and perfecting the vertical seat effectively and intuitively, in real-time, while riding. Another cool fact, RideQ came third in the ‘Women’s Innovation World Championship’ earlier this summer. Visit for more information!

Ecosystem Hero of the Year

Malin Frithiofsson. Always good to see fellow colleagues receive fancy nominations and this is no different. Managing ecosystems and producing startup program content for Chalmers Ventures by day – championing women’s participation in technology with WITGBG by night. Also, the co-founder of Alterity think-tank, aimed at expanding the current narrative on entrepreneurship and business. When Malin was off-duty this summer – she set up an entrepreneurial program at the Mavuno all-girl school in Tanzania. Needless to say, Malin has her hands full.

Best Health Tech Startup

Elypta. Elypta’s mission is to prevent cancer mortality through earlier detection and closer monitoring. They achieve this by measuring metabolic biomarkers in blood and urine and through the usage of machine learning are able to detect signatures of cancer. Earlier this year, Elypta has both won ‘Nordic Life Science Award 2019’ and become nominated for ‘Best Technological Innovation in Diagnostics’ by Medtech Insight (also known as the Oscars of life science). Visit for more information!

Best Fintech Startups

Evispot. A groundbreaking platform specialized for credit assessment, Evispot’s platform is built to make accurate credit decisions tailored after your unique customer segments within a second. The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI). Evispot raised 6 MSEK earlier this year. Visit for more information!

Sigmastocks. Sigmastocks offers an intelligent investment service to help investors become self-sufficient and has been part of the Chalmers Ventures portfolio since its inception in 2014. Sigmastocks also won this category last year. Visit for more information!