Seven portfolio companies nominated for the Norrsken Impact Award 2019 - Chalmers Ventures

Seven portfolio companies nominated for the Norrsken Impact Award 2019

The Norrsken Award is the biggest prize for impact startups in the Nordics. It is therefor very humbling to see seven portfolio companies being nominated for the 2019 prize. 

Three winners will receive a million dollar prize: tailor made support from the world’s leading advisors McKinsey & Co, Brunswick Group and Mannheimer Swartling. They will dedicate six months of their time to helping the winners with whatever they need best, including strategy, communication, marketing, legal advice and a world class network.

Later this month, 10 companies will be selected for the final – where an experienced jury will select the three winners. However, the public jury also has a say. One startup will win the ultimate prize of being the People’s Choice 2019 and in addition get a one-year free membership at Norrsken House, access to all rocket fuel partners and a chance to meet Norrskens investment team.

Make your voice heard and vote on one of our nominated companies

1928 Diagnostics provides a digital solution for infection control to save the power of antibiotics. From raw reads to actionable results in a few minutes. Vote here.

Epishine use indoor lighting to power low power devices with its light energy harvesting modules without using batteries. Vote here.

Mimbly creates sustainable water solutions with a device that recycles water from the laundry machine to reduce water consumption, save energy and stop the spread of microplastics to the ocean. Vote here.

Modvion is a Swedish Engineering and Industrial Design company developing modular designs in renewable Engineered Wood Products to simplify and improve construction logistics. Vote here.

Swedish Algae Factory operates in harmony with nature, in real time. They cultivate their own algae, based on a circular economic mindset where carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and phosphorus emissions are converted into valuable products. Vote here. 

Trine simplifies solar energy investments in growing markets. Their mission is to give people a triple return on investment to earn a profit while making social and environmental impact. Vote here.

Winningtemp follows progress and well-being in real time to help personnel enjoy work, grow professionally and contribute to organizational growth through collection and visualization of personnel data. Vote here.


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