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ReVibe Energy & ANSYS launches cooperation through the ANSYS Startup Program

In 2016, ANSYS and ReVibe Energy reached the agreement that ReVibe Energy will become a part of the ANSYS Startup Program as the first company ever in Europe.

– At ReVibe Energy we place a lot of pride in the fact that we are offering our customers cutting edge hardware technology. But, in order to do so we are in need of using cutting edge software to design and develop our products. By being a part of the ANSYS Startup Program we gain access to some of the world’s finest simulation software, something we are extremely happy about, says Erik Godtman Kling, COO at ReVibe Energy.

ReVibe Energy is a young, but prominent player within the vibration energy harvesting space, offering its customers a power source that never runs out. The secret behind the company’s solution lies in the patented technology of efficiently turning vibrations into electricity and using it as a power source for industrial sensor- and monitoring systems. The technology originates from the SAAB Group, the Swedish defense company which now is an important partner and shareholder in ReVibe Energy. The development during 2016 has been very positive and in the light of the emergence of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, the future of energy harvesting looks bright.

– The simulation software provided by ANSYS provides us with excellent tools and capabilities of developing our products at a speed that previously was not possible. The software in itself impresses me and I’m really looking forward to be able to expand our knowledge within the simulation domain and integrate it as a core part of our product development department, says Marcus Holm, Lead Design Engineer at ReVibe Energy.

For more information, please contact: Erik Godtman Kling, COO ReVibe Energy AB
+46 70-855 82 48