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ReSpace is looking for dedicated doer to join their team

ReSpace AB is a startup at Chalmers focusing on augmented reality (AR) solutions for the built environment, to enable more efficient building construction and building maintenance. This can lead to enormous savings in time, materials and energy, which has great impact both for the environment and the economy. Their system can be used to build digital twins of buildings and merge the digital model with the physical model, and their intuitive app enables on-site access to all data associated with a building, including 3D models and sensor data (IoT).

ReSpace is now looking for a dedicated doer for a 3-4 month project to do market research, identify new customers and verify our business model through meetings with potential customers.


The candidate will report directly to the company board and take on varied and independent duties. The company expect there will be a lot of networking, marketing, and sales activities in the company’s specific markets.


ReSpace thinks you may have run a startup before or been a project manager in a startup. You should thrive in the startup environment and like independent work based on a strategy that you will also be giving feedback on. Networking and sales are important to you. Foremost, you should be a team player that can and wants to interact with technical people, as well as with customers.


ReSpace is a startup with few resources but supported by the well-established incubator Chalmers Ventures. Hence, the work will be exciting and fast-paced but the pay will be lower than standard salary from a large company. It is possible to tailor the length of the assignment contra the number of hours/week.

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Anders Logg, CEO ReSpace
Tel: +46 (0) 721 89 25 31

ReSpace is a portfolio company to Chalmers Ventures