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Removing toxic mercury from contaminated water

Water which has been contaminated with mercury and other toxic heavy metals is a major cause of environmental damage and health problems worldwide. Now, researchers from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, present a totally new way to clean contaminated water, through an electrochemical process. The results are published in the scientific journal Nature Communications – and the new method form the technology foundation behind Atium – portfolio company to Chalmers Ventures.

In an interview with the Department of Physics, Björn Wickman, Research leader says: ”Our results have really exceeded the expectations we had when we started with the technique. Our new method makes it possible to reduce the mercury content in a liquid by more than 99%. This can bring the water well within the margins for safe human consumption.”

Atium’s mission: Clean water, for everyone

Clean water is one of the largest future challenges we stand before, and toxic pollutants are a large contributing factor. Heavy metals are some of the most toxic chemicals to human health and it is Atium’s goal, through their innovation, to contribute to a world where water treatment is more environmentally friendly and effective. Atium exists to help ensure clean water, for everyone.

Since its inception earlier in 2018, Atium has received several awards – including the SKAPA award in memory of Alfred Nobel, the energy scholarship ”Tänk:Om” by Göteborgs Energi and second place in EIT RawMaterials Business Idea Competition.

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Atium is a portfolio company to Chalmers Ventures