Receive funding for your entrepreneurial event at Chalmers! - Chalmers Ventures

Receive funding for your entrepreneurial event at Chalmers!

Did you know that Chalmers aim to become the best university in the world at Innovation and Entrepreneurship? 

To reach this goal we need to raise awareness about Chalmers’ entrepreneurial infrastructure and the opportunities that brings along. What way is better than to include our students in that process?

Host your entrepreneurial event and get it financed by us!

Do you have an idea of an event that would raise awareness of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and activate students? Send your application now!

Info and requirements:

  • The event must be held before end of 2017
  • The maximum contribution to apply for is 20,000 SEK.
  • You/your association must be from Chalmers University of Technology (no external companies).
  • You/your association must be eligible for invoicing (only way to retrieve funds).
  • Your application should include: (1) a description of the event, (2) amount of students you will reach and (3) your budget.
  • Send your application in PDF (max 2 pages) to
  • We need your application before 7th November 2017.

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