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Oxeon in the sport industry.

Novel TeXtreme® materials are being used in a wide-ranging number of sports, and by several major brands in the sporting goods market. 

The TeXtreme® Technology is becoming established as the best choice for making ultra-lightweight carbon fiber products. 

Carbon fiber has long been associated with lightweight and its development has steady evolved, but not all carbon fiber materials are the same. The TeXtreme® Technology is based on using thin flat tapes instead of round yarns, a patented process that provides unique possibilities for weight savings and performance improvements compared to other carbon fiber materials.

 The use of TeXtreme® carbon fiber materials, combined with the expertise of the TeXtreme® team, has resulted in victories for athletes using products reinforced by TeXtreme® in competitions such as Formula 1, the America’s Cup, the Tour de France, the Kona Ironman, the Daytona 500, the Stanley Cup, etc.

Current licensed TeXtreme® users include: Bauer Hockey, Prince Tennis, Cobra Puma Golf, Bell Helmets, Felt Bicycles, North Kiteboarding, Stiga Table Tennis, Fanatic Windsurfing, Jones Snowboards, Berria Bike, PRO Shimano, and many more.

TeXtreme®’s signature square pattern makes it stand out from the crowd. Connecting it with the outstanding references and current users, the TeXtreme® Technology yields high-quality, high-performance, lightweight carbon fiber results.

In general, TeXtreme® can reduce weight by 20-30% compared to conventional carbon fiber materials, with maintained or increased levels of stiffness and/or strength.

Besides being successfully used in sporting goods products, TeXtreme® is commonly used in various industrial and advanced aerospace applications.