Oterlu Reddit Chalmers Ventures PR en 2022

Oterlu team – a deep tech startup enabling secure chats through AI – becomes part of Reddit

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Oterlu has been a portfolio company at Chalmers Ventures since 2019. Now the deep tech startup team becomes part of Reddit – one of the world’s leading online forums.

Oterlu helps the user counter harassment, abuse, and harmful content on social platforms. Through advanced AI technology, Oterlu reports messages that contain harassment, profanity, and harmful content.

– We have had the privilege of working with Oterlu, a company that helps create a better everyday life for so many users online, states Fredrik Örneblad, who was Oterlu’s Business Coach at Chalmers Ventures. It has been great fun to be able to follow along on Oterlu’s journey. The team has succeeded in showing how competent AI and deep-tech can create safer communities worldwide, something that has now led to Oterlu becoming part of the world’s largest online forum.

– That Oterlu’s team becomes part of such an important brand as the tech company Reddit is, of course, further proof of the need for and importance of creating safe environments online.

Oterlu was founded in 2019 by Alexander Gee, Ludvig Gee, and Sebastian Nabrink. Alexander’s background is 8 years at Google in online safety. Ludvig with machine learning and NLP at Stena IT. Sebastian in turn with machine learning at Stena IT and several startups.

– We are grateful for the support from Chalmers Ventures right from the inception of the company, says Alexander Gee, CEO, and co-founder, Oterlu.