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The Open Source Venture Capital.

What if, a tier one venture capital firm with the best deal-flow there is, would share all its cases, including the most promising ones, with any other investor? And What if this VC also shared its analytics and investment mapping hypotheses?

Its all about sharing. We have already experienced the power of sharing assets like car’s and houses. Now this is what Chalmers Ventures do also within venture capital, disrupting by sharing, we call it Open Source Venture Capital.

And it’s easy for us since we have a unique position with an almost endless stream of quality deals, harvesting promising ventures from the innovation ecosystem within Chalmers University of Technology. Yearly selecting from tons of ideas generated by thousands of scientists and talented young top students. Qualifying and cherry-picking on a deal-flow that combines the latest in science with research in new sharing economy based models.

Let’s take one step back. We all know the prerequisite for a successful venture capital business: strong analysis, deal-flow and fruitful “cherry-picking”. Hence knowing what to look for in business models and people, having access to ventures within the targeted areas and cherry-picking to stay long until exit. If you on top of this are equipped with some good portion of “gut feeling” or “farmers luck” (“bondröta” as we say in Swedish), your odds are good.

@CV we gladly open up and share our deal-flow and learnings to those interested, from business angels to professional VCs. We do so in our strongest belief in openness and sharing, in our commitment to venture creation at source. In our obsession to coach young ambitious people to become entrepreneurs, to make them turn their “What if?” into “Let’s do it!”. Our goal is to turn this idea generation into an “Industry scale” venture creation. And we are not surprised if one day leading universities, not only in Sweden but in all Europe, will replicate our venture creation factory model.

We are rapidly moving into the sharing economy, where distributed ledger technologies like blockchain redefine the Internet, opening up the stack and making distributed control and collective consensus trust and authorisation embedded into the network. Laying the foundation for direct end-to-end sharing of assets without centralized third parties.

@CV we want to see also the VC market and venture creation to be open and shared. Open from source to exit, shared from analytics to venture management and networks.

We invite all investors to collaborate and embrace sharing! Sharing their best deal-flow, their strongest analytics and hypotheses, their what’s “cooking” in the science park and their most promising ventures and cherry-picking all the way to exit.

Share it all!

/Marcus Bäcklund