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Open Coaching – last session for the season!

Have you ever found yourself in the position where you have a rough idea of a business – but don’t really know what to do next? Or perhaps the idea is at such an early stage you don’t feel comfortable with asking for help or applying for money?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. We have met a ton of successful entrepreneurs at the very start of their entrepreneurial career – and many times they experienced the same sense of confusion. Am I wrong or is this a good idea for real? What should I do next? Who should I speak to? And what does it exactly require to start your own company?

At Chalmers Ventures, our work is to help you bring those ideas to life!

One of our main goals at Chalmers Ventures is to lower the barriers for any individual to start their own company and become an entrepreneur. In fact, that’s basically why we exist. And with any individual, we mean any individual. For you to be included in one of our programs, we don’t require any specific education, work experience nor personal characteristic. Your idea doesn’t have to be a new pharmaceutical or that extremely technically advanced. What we primarily invest in is motivated individuals with the ambition to create value & positive change. Are you one of those people?

Open Coaching

To incentivise people to turn ideas into future companies – we’ve recently started our ‘Open Coaching’-sessions at Chalmers Ventures. The idea is simple. Swing by our office, have a cup of coffee and discuss your idea (rough or refined) with one of our experienced business coaches. No strings attached at all – just an opportunity for you to bounce your questions with someone who actually work with these sorts of things. A person who wants to help you.

How to book a slot?

Simply follow the instructions on our Open Coaching page. And remember – no ideas are not worth discussing. The important thing is that you actually take this first step – because an idea, is simply an idea, until you have turned it into reality.