The #onliners network is up and running - Chalmers Ventures

The #onliners network is up and running

Carl Josefsson and Alexander Hars is in charge of the new network #onliners at Chalmers Ventures. The members are people from the portfolio companies which has a connection to online business. Some of them are purely online-based or e-commerce, while some to B2B sales and online lead generation.

The first meeting took place at Stena Center last Tuesday, with Zalster CEO Albin Stööp as the main speaker, and Carl was positively surprised by the instantly good vibe.

–    I got really good feedback from the participants and I am already looking into arranging workshops and 1to1-meetings which was requested by many of them.

The idea came about as Chalmers Ventures saw a need to broaden their offer to the portfolio companies, and a strong demand in possibilities to share experiences and gain new knowledge.

–    It’s a great way to stay in touch with other companies within the Chalmers Ventures family, and to learn about what tools and strategies I could use in our daily business, says Szofia Jakobsson, Online Sales and Marketing Manager at Halon, who participated in the meeting.

And #onliners is only the newest addition to a series of networks started at Chalmers Ventures in the past year. There is Greenups that unite companies within cleantech and sustainability, Healthhub for medtech and life science, as well as the more function-specific Professional Sales Network.

–    And for those who fit into more networks than one, they are of course welcome to part-take as much as they want, says Carl before he has to leave to make some calls.

Is he working on getting more exciting speakers for #onliners next meeting? He won’t say, but he seems quite eager to put Chalmers Ventures ambassador Martin Lorentzon of Spotify on a train bound for Gothenburg in the near future.

Interested in joining #onliners? Contact for more information.