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Omen Technologies in search for entrepreneur to join team

Omen Technologies AB is a startup at Chalmers founded by two researchers. The company is focusing on the cybersecurity of IoT devices. The software innovation is protected by a patent application and continues to draw strong customer interest. At this point, Omen Technologies is involved in several collaboration projects with customers that aim at tailoring the software to different technical environments and to further move the software toward a product.

Now, they need to complement the team with an entrepreneur and a team player in a 3-4 month project. This can be extended with a full founder’s package, including equity, if you make a great match with the rest of the team.


The entrepreneur will report directly to the company board and take on varied and independent duties. Omen Technologies expect there will be a lot of networking, marketing, and sales activities in the company’s specific markets. Furthermore, you will be expected to help drive the company forward also administratively, through contacts with Bolagsverket, Skatteverket, auditor, etc. Basically, you will become fully operative in the company and participate in board meetings as well as in strategic decision making.

The goal is to validate the company business model with existing and new customers so that the team understands pricing and the size of markets. This will allow Omen Technologies to enter the Accelerator at Chalmers Ventures and receive enough funding to employ an entrepreneur at 100%.


Preferably you have run a startup before or been a project manager in a startup. You should thrive in the startup environment and like independent work based on a strategy that you will be part of developing. Skill in networking and sales are important to you. Foremost, you should be a team player that can and wants to interact with technical people, as well as with customers.


Omen is a startup with few resources but supported by the well-established incubator Chalmers Ventures. Hence, we think that by performing well the company is on track to secure soft funding and future investments. Based on this, we expect your initial salary will be quite modest but when this project works out well, we also expect to offer you a permanent position as an entrepreneur and co-founder in the company.

More information

For more information about the position, contact Business Coach David Storek.

Phone: +46 (0) 709 43 87 87

Omen Technologies is currently part of Chalmers Ventures Tech Transfer program