Nine out of ten investments in tech companies go to male founders - Chalmers Ventures

Nine out of ten investments in tech companies go to male founders

Yesterday, Dagens Industri published an article stating that over 90 % of the recent year’s VC investments go to companies with male founders. Chalmers Ventures was one of the venture capitalists reviewed in the article and 20 % of the investments we have made so far have been in teams with a mix of male and female founders. Although our figures are better than the average, we are not satisfied. We are aware of the situation and we appreciate that the issue is highlighted. 

We aim to invest in companies with mixed teams, i.e. both male and female founders. To achieve this goal we are working with both long-term and short-term activities to lead this change. Examples of activities are highlighting both female and male role models, using a mix of female and male entrepreneurs in our communication material, inviting female and male lecturers, and arranging female team-up events. We see that our activities make a difference and the trend is positive, but it’s not enough. Do you have ideas of more activities we can do to make a change? Please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions, and help us improve. E-mail

Read Dagens Industri’s article here:

Photo: DI. Graphics: Anna Byström