“My dream now” teenagers visited TRINE - Chalmers Ventures

“My dream now” teenagers visited TRINE

On Monday the 23d, Chalmers Innovation company TRINE got a rewarding visit from Frölundaskolans 8th-graders. They attend ”My Dream Now”, a program for young people to believe in themselves and others as well as believing that change is possible. The TRINE crew was well excited;”We believe that interacting with your local community is as important as interacting globally. Since TRINE is a dream coming true we wanted to be part of inspiring these young people to also pursue their dreams. We do understand though, that one also needs to be realistic. Therefor we taught them the basics about solar energy showed them how solar energy actually works in reality, using a lamp and a solar cell. The response from the students was great and I believe I can speak for the whole team that we felt energized and more inspired than ever after this visit” says TRINE community manager Astrid Jakobsson van Stam.