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Mimbly & Trine listed among the top 50 impact companies in the Nordics

The One Iniative

United Nations’ figures show, that it is possible to achieve the 17 global sustainable development goals by 2030 if roughly one percent of global investments are invested in sustainable solutions. Thus, the ambition of The One Initiative is to identify, analyze and mature the most promising solutions of tomorrow and connect them with one percent of the capital of today.

Top 50 impact companies

For more than two years, The One Initiative has studied more than 7,000 growth companies in the Nordic region, including both startups and SME’s. Their assessment (Impact Business Score System) is based on commercial viability combined with impact scalability and today they have over a thousand impact companies in their data base. In collaboration with experienced investors, entrepreneurs, business advisors and experts – 50 companies have been selected as the 50 most promising impact companies in the Nordic Region. Among them we find Mimbly and Trine.

The Nordic Impact Business Summit

On 20 June 2019, members of the Mimbly and Trine team are invited to partake on The One Initiative’s first summit ever – that will take place in the Old Stock Exchange building in Copenhagen. The 50 promising Nordic impact companies each host a table, where they are matched with potential investors and market experts. The summit is neither a trade show, a conference or a pitch contest. It is a day of 100 round tables with room for impact companies to be matched with ambitious investors and thoughtful business developers to improve their business and solutions for a better world.

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Do you want to learn more about sustainable impact investments – learn more through oneinitiative.org.