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Meet Aktivators – your online outlet for sports and outdoor products

Several well known Swedish retailers has gone bust in recent years due to locking too much capital in warehouses. ventilates over-stocked and over-produced products, without locking capital in stored goods. The site is focused on high quality sport and outdoor brands. To sell products on there is very little work that has to be done by the provider of the products. If the site has a list of products in the morning, a campaign can be launched by lunch. For the customer this means outlet prices, normally 30 to 70% off, on high quality brands. guarantees the authenticity of all products and the customers do not have to travel outside of town to an outlet.

Viktor Sellman and Johan Jorstadius founded the company while completing a Svensk Klassiker, as they discovered the demand for a site offering deals on sports gear. Viktor was working with corporate finance and Johan with international sales, so the founders had to learn a lot about e-commerce in a short time. When joining the accelerator, had started selling products through the site.

“Chalmers Innovation and Jörgen Hansson has been invaluable in providing support and advice. The revenues have increased with 400% since joining CI” says Viktor Sellman.

For Aktivators, Chalmers Innovation provides a great network and atmosphere where everyone helps each other out. Also having access to advisors who have done similar journeys several times helps them avoid unnecessary mistakes. And they have come far. The biggest milestone the company has reached is to, from scratch, build a system to effectively manage campaign based sales and to build relationships with other players in the market to create secondary markets for products that are returned. They have two outside investors whose interest were caught by the scalability of the idea and the effectiveness of the systems the company has built. The team has also proven that they can meet the demand of both customers and suppliers by showing very high satisfactory rates and recurring revenues.

So what is their next goal?

“Our next goal is to expand in the Nordics and beyond. We are also looking for strategic partners to help us in our expansion.”

Aktivators is currently in Chalmers Innovation seed accelerator, coached by Jörgen Hansson.