FineCell blir Most Promising Startup på Imagine Chemistry - Chalmers Ventures

FineCell blir Most Promising Startup på Imagine Chemistry

Under veckan som gått har den prestigefyllda tävlingen Imagine Chemistry – The AkzoNobel Chemicals Startup Challenge hållts på Chalmers och communityytan Veras Gräsmatta. 20 finalister och lag har tävlat.

Chalmers Ventures pris ”Most Promising Startup” gick till FineCell.


Being a Swedish University we have a long tradition of sustainability and in Sweden, we also have a lot of woods. FineCell has developed a novel method to produce a bio-based nanomaterial for the future in a much more sustainable way using less energy and water in the process. The material itself has unique qualities and can be produced both as a gel and as a dry compound opening up several exciting application possibilities. All in all, FineCell has the potential to  make sure that Sweden continues to be a global leader in producing great products from cellulose for sustainable future

The winner receives:

  • One spot in our Startup Camp program: focusing on customer discovery making sure that you develop something specific that really matters for your customers
  • One session with our investment team: preparing you for raising capital in the future for your continued growth and success


  • Edinburgh Napier University – Två veckors fri Chemical Support
  • Invert Robotics – Support från KPMG
  • Semiotic Labs – Support från ICOS Capital
  • Fraunhofer UMSICHT – Support från Lux Research
  • FineCell – Most Promising Startup från Chalmers Ventures med plats i Startup Camp och rådgivning från investment team
  • University of Nottingham – Akzo Nobel Research Award
  • Sulogen Inc. – Joint Development Agreement med Akzo Nobel
  • Water Knight – Joint Development Agreement med Akzo Nobel
  • Green Lizard Technologies & Dixie Chemicals – Joint Development Agreement med Akzo Nobel
  • Fero Labs – Joint Development Agreement med Akzo Nobel

Bilder från prisutdelningen