Encubation to the finals of Innovative Youth Incubator Awards. - Chalmers Ventures

Encubation to the finals of Innovative Youth Incubator Awards.

The Incubation process at Chalmers Ventures is one of ten finalists in Innovative Youth Incubator Awards. The finalists will present their programs to a jury at the International conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Toronto, Canada, April 28-29th.

The competition was initiated to showcase novel and innovative institutional incubators and similar initiatives that focus on the development of young entrepreneurs. A prize will be awarded to the initiative judged most innovative and effective.

The criteria for competing is among other things a clear target group of young entrepreneurs, a screening process, strategies to encourage inclusion of diverse candidates, support provided by the institution and links to other entrepreneurship activities within the institution.

Stina Linge, program coordinator for Encubation and Tomas Faxheden, school manager at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship will present the program, its challenges, performance and future plans on stage in Toronto.

– This is a certification of quality for Chalmers Ventures and it’s important for Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship to cooperate with an incubator that delivers good business development. At the same time it’s a recognition of the value in our driven and motivated students from Chalmers, says Tomas Faxheden.

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