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Edvirt to deliver simulator training and testing required for all operators in E4 Stockholm Bypass project

This autumn, construction will begin on the E4 Stockholm Bypass project. When finished, it will be one of the largest civil projects in Sweden, estimated at a cost of EUR 3.1 billion, and one of the longest road tunnels in the world. Many contractors will be involved, which led to a need for the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) to verify the skill-levels of all operators to ensure the quality of the work performed. Because of this, all sprayed concrete operators working in the E4 Stockholm Bypass project are obliged to be project certified. The certification is issued by the Swedish Transport Administration and includes both theoretical and practical training and assessment. Edvirt is the only company accredited to deliver the practical part of training and testing operators, which is conducted on two of Edvirt’s 3D Shotcrete Simulator™ at Trafikverket’s facilities in Kista, Stockholm.

We need to increase the quality and productivity and reduce the use of material which affects the carbon footprint in our projects. That is why we now require training and certification of operators working with sprayed concrete, injection and bolting.” says Thomas Dalmalm, Head of the Specialist Function at Trafikverket in Stockholm.

The quality of the sprayed concrete lining is based on the concrete and machines used, as well as the skill of the operator. Therefore, it’s is impossible to ensure good quality sprayed concrete without skilled operators. By training and testing operators, the certification is established to ensure that both novice and experienced operators have sufficient skills. 

“We see this initiative from the Swedish Transport Administration as a milestone for the industry, and believe that more projects around the world will see the importance of having only trained and tested operators working underground. Both from a cost-saving and safety perspective.” says Eric Odkrans, CEO at Edvirt.

Edvirt AB
Edvirt AB is a Swedish ed-tech company operating in the field of virtual training for mining and tunnelling operations. Edvirt developed the world’s first simulator for sprayed concrete application, the 3D Shotcrete Simulator™. The company offers it to shotcrete contractors, mining companies and educational institutes – all interested developing their workforce. The 3D Shotcrete Simulator™ offers the possibility to educate nozzlemen in an efficient way, without costs for concrete waste, machine tear or exposing inexperienced nozzlemen to the hazardous environments of tunnels and mines.

If you want more information, are interested in a course for your nozzlemen or are looking into setting up a certification scheme for a project, please contact:
Eric Odkrans, CEO
+46 31 47 77 47