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Several portfolio companies are hiring!

As we now enter a new decade, several of our companies are looking to expand their teams. See below for current openings!


50 % of patients do not follow their treatment as prescribed, which can dangerously affect their health, but also ends up weighing heavy on everyone’s budget in the health-care sector. Mevia strives to boost medication adherence worldwide with connected solutions that adapt to patient needs and medication formats, as well as data analytics services. Mevia solutions enhance treatment outcomes, increase revenues of healthcare providers and enable high healthcare savings within society.

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BOKIO deliver autonomous accounting for everyone, free of charge. The system use Artificial intelligence to automate invoicing, accounting and salaries and enable the business owner to take decisions based on facts not intuition. Currently in rapid growth, improving the corporate world.

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Winningtemp is a revolutionary technology developed to create prosperous and healthy workplaces. By using Winningtemp’s unique engine for collection of data in real-time, leaders at all levels in an organization can work pro-actively to improve HR issues such as motivation, stress, and overload – thereby reducing cost.

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Metry aggregates data to help to building-owners save money and energy. With data-collection-as-a-service, building-owners can focus on saving money, rather than on data collection and administration. Together with partners and an integration library, Metry makes to most out of the data they collect. Fast-growing Metry was founded in 2012 and their goal is to collect the world’s energy data.

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Aqua Robur

Aqua Robur Technologies offers a ground-breaking sensor platform for monitoring of public water pipelines. The platform is unique in the way that it powers itself by the kinetic energy from the water flow. By deploying Aqua Robur’s system, more parameters and locations can be monitored in the pipeline network. The data is communicated wirelessly in real time and can be visualized at Aqua Robur’s dashboard or transferred to other platforms.

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