Chalmers make historic investment in entrepreneurship - Chalmers Ventures

Chalmers make historic investment in entrepreneurship

Chalmers are gathering forces to strengthen, rationalise and scale up their entrepreneurship activities. 300 million SEK of investment capital is to be provided in over a 10 year period along with financing of the operations to bring forth more and newly established companies associated with Chalmers.

The objective is for the two world-leading incubators* Encubator and Chalmers Innovation, together with Chalmersinvest, to found the new company. The new company will include the two successful incubators featuring different work processes, which will create major opportunities for better coordination.

The investment operations run by the Chalmers Innovation foundation within the framework of the Chalmers Innovation Seed Fund (CISF) and the Chalmers Innovation Affiliate Fund (CIAF) will carry on as usual, and will be enhanced by an opportunity to strengthen personnel resources.

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The managing director of the newly formed company is Linnéa Lindau, presently managing director of Encubator AB. Her management team includes Ingvar Andersson, managing director of AB Chalmersinvest and Andrzej Brud, managing director of the Chalmers Innovation foundation.

The board is made up of Hans Ljungkvist (chair), Johan Andersson (managing director Mellby Gård) and Börje Ekholm (managing director Investor).