Chalmers Innovation incubator is #9 best incubator in Europe - Chalmers Ventures

Chalmers Innovation incubator is #9 best incubator in Europe

Chalmers Innovation incubator (now a part of Chalmers Ventures) have been announced as #9 best University Associated Business Incubator in Europe, by UBI Index. On October 26 and 27, 2015, UBI Global and Incubatore di Imprese Innovative del Politecnico di Torino (I3P) co-hosted a benchmarking conference & award ceremony for the 2015 top performing university business incubators in Europe. Chalmers Innovation CEO Andrzej Brud attended to recieve the award.

The event was held at i3P’s headquarters at Via Pier Carlo Boggio, 59, Turin, Italy. The event was supported by PNICube and Intesa Sanpaolo. The event highlighted best practices, hands-on-tools, analyses, success stories, and featured inspiring presentations that allowed those who attended to network, learn from each other and improve performance in order to enhance economic transformation and local, regional and national development.

It has been a very promising year for European incubators, the largest region UBI Global benchmarks in terms of sample size. Europe’s business incubators have attracted a total of $2,4b in investment, meaning each of the 117 incubators has received an average of $20m each. With regard to deal flow, Europe as a whole receive 15.3k applications per year, equating to an average of 131 per incubator.

In the last 5 years Europe’s business incubators have created 40,5k jobs (346 jobs per incubator) and over the same time period generated $5.6b in sales, equating to an average of $47m in sales per incubator.

– We are a very proud team who has worked hard to achieve this award, and we will continue to deliver the very best for our entrepreneurs, says Andrzej Brud.