Brown bag lunch: 'Protecting what matters' with Head of NetClean Anna Borgström - Chalmers Ventures

Brown bag lunch: ‘Protecting what matters’ with Head of NetClean Anna Borgström

Photo: NetClean

Earlier this fall Entrepreneurship. By Chalmers. launched the concept Brown Bag Lunch. This gives you the opportunity to bring your own lunch to Veras Gräsmatta at Chalmers and listen to various interesting speakers every Tuesday between 12:00-12:45. This is an open event, free of charge, bring all your friends and co-workers.

Next guest: Anna Borgström, Head of NetClean

Anna Borgström is the Head of NetClean, a subsidiary to Safer Society Group (part of Chalmers Ventures portfolio). NetClean develops one of the world’s leading technology solutions to protect businesses and organisations against child sexual abuse material. Their solutions are used worldwide by multinational corporations and other businesses, government agencies and public sector organisations.

The NetClean Report 2018

NetClean’s understanding of the problem of child sexual abuse material has been gained through years of working together with law enforcement, NGOs, technology companies and research institutes. But an equally important part of their work is to share their knowledge. A good example is the NetClean Report, an annual publication that focuses on child sexual abuse crime. It provides valuable insights into the experience of law enforcement professionals working with child sexual exploitation cases. The NetClean Report 2018 was published this week and could be found here.

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to Anna’s important seminar this Tuesday!

NetClean is a subsidiary to Safer Society Group (part of Chalmers Ventures Portfolio)