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Brown Bag Lunch with Hans Björkman: Building trust in open innovation networks

Open lunch seminar today at Veras Gräsmatta

Values are created in networks, often consisting of many different stakeholders. Thus, it may seem to be strange that when it comes to the creation of the next generation of values, many organizations tend to close the doors around them. But this is the case, even though Open Innovation has been a popular concept for quite a few years. How come?

During this talk Hans Björkman will share his experiences from many years of work as a consultant and researcher in open innovation settings. The importance of trust will be discussed, followed by some practical advice and tools related to trust creation. The workshop aims at contributing to practical learning for people involved in many kinds of innovative and entrepreneurial activities.

Hans Björkman received his PhD exam in Business Administration at Stockholm School of Economics in 2005. He has written reports treating innovation and entrepreneurship on national level, as well as on regional and European level. At Chalmers, Hans is active in Center for Higher Ambition Leadership Europe and the Corporate Entrepreneurship Program. He is also active in the Service Research Center (CTF) at Karlstad university.

What is Brown Bag Lunch?

Entrepreneurship. By Chalmers. launched the concept Brown Bag Lunch last year. Bring your own lunch, we bring the inspiration. Almost every Tuesday between 12.00-12.45 we present a new topic and speaker at Veras Gräsmatta for you to enjoy. This is an open event, free of charge, bring all your friends and co-workers.