Bowlingtracking won Startup Camp - Chalmers Ventures

Bowlingtracking won Startup Camp

Robert Andersson, a multiple world champion in bowling, and Nigul Ilves, M.Sc. in Engineering Physics, won first prize in this autumn Startup Camp at Chalmers Ventures. Under the name Bowlingtracking, they have developed a measuring instrument that helps bowlers to develop in their training. The award consists of an entreprenurial trip to the United States, as well as advice from firms in law, marketing and finance.

11 teams participated in the ten-week long process whose purpose is to validate the team’s idea and market. This includes getting much feedback from potential customers, develop a prototype of their product and to learn how to pitch. On stage, each team had three minutes to describe the perceived problem and its solution to the interested audience.

An additional prize was awarded when the audience then voted on the best pitch. The winner was Organo Vitro, developing a biochip to determine the toxicity of drugs without testing them on humans.