Applications for Encubation 2018 are open - Chalmers Ventures

Applications for Encubation 2018 are open


Do you have interesting research results or unique know-how? Maybe you have been thinking about trying to commercialize your ideas? Chalmers Ventures was founded to help you as a researcher achieve exactly that.  

Chalmers Ventures has a groundbreaking program called Encubation. Researchers and tech companies can submit their ideas to the Encubation program. The ideas are then evaluated and in the end matched with a team of entrepreneurs from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. In the end, the idea can reach its full potential and be commercialized into a well performing company. 




Who are the ideal idea givers?

Chalmers Ventures are looking for both researchers and tech companies to submit ideas. When it comes to researchers the ideas are typically a new intriguing discovery, newly invented technology or exciting research results that need a chance to be evaluated on a commercial basis. A lot of technology companies might submit so called orphan tech. It is technology which has usually been discovered in the R&D-process but at the same time been deemed to not support the core business. Still the technology might be of good value and can through the Encubation program get a chance to reach the market.


Are there criteria for the ideas?

Chalmers Ventures are looking for three main criteria: 

  • You have to own the technology for the idea. This applies to an invention, data set, method, design, IP or unique know-how. The ownership is important since it is of great value determining the possibility of market share or change of patent. 
  • Innovative and unique in its field of research. Typically, the research has shown a new kind of technology or perhaps and older one but with a new application area. 
  • Global market potential. During the time in the Encubation program you will get support from our dedicated tech of business coaches. Together you and the entrepreneurs will develop a scalable business model that is well suited for the global market.


How does the overall process work?

It is really quite simple. You will provide us with the tech idea. We will then evaluate it based on the set of criteria. The idea will be matched with a teach of entrepreneurs from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. For one year you and the students will work together assessing the market potential and doing further testing of the idea. At the end of the program the idea can step into one of the next phases within the Chalmers Ventures ecosystem of programs.


How can the venture be funded?

Chalmers Ventures also does active investments in their projects and companies. If the tech idea submitted will turn into a company, there are several investment steps such as pre-seed, seed and growth nvestments all the way up top 15 MSEK


Why choose Chalmers Ventures?

Chalmers Ventures has a truly unique experience with over 15 years of matching tech ideas and entrepreneurs. Chalmers Ventures has a great track record among university managed business incubators in the world. Just recently Chalmers Ventures was ranked 1st among the Nordic countries,  3rd among the EU-countries and came in 12th place in the world in the rankings made by UBI Global.


At Chalmers Ventures, commitment is a core value. This means that Chalmers Ventures will be there by your side during the whole process; coaching, supporting and making sound investments. This is a venture model build by researchers for researches.  

Application deadline is April 1. 


Get more info and apply at


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+46 (0)702 – 247 544