Alpha Therapy Solutions and Mimbly – winners of Acceleration Pitch as Chalmers Ventures concludes Venture Day 2019 - Chalmers Ventures

Alpha Therapy Solutions and Mimbly – winners of Acceleration Pitch as Chalmers Ventures concludes Venture Day 2019

At Chalmers Ventures we are fortunate to work amongst some of the most exciting startups and growth companies in the country. As a means to share these entrepreneurs impressive developments with our network – we created Venture Day last year. Venture Day is an event dedicated for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Gothenburg. During an afternoon at Veras Gräsmatta – guests from local startups, universities, industrial partners and investment firms meet, connect, share knowledge and ideas.

Acceleration pitch
The main attraction of the event is the Acceleration pitch, where the audience gets to listen to short pitches from the most recent additions to our awarded accelerator program. Last year Amferia won, a company dedicated to fight antibiotic resistance with preventive care. This year, nine new competitors took the stage.

Winners: Alpha Therapy Solutions & Mimbly
After a thrilling hour full of pitches, the audience vote resulted in a tie between Alpha Therapy Solutions and Mimbly, each of them awarded 50 000 SEK!

Alpha Therapy Solutions develops an automated production module that allows for a standardized and reproducible production of the pharmaceuticals used in Targeted Alpha Therapy. This is a therapy form that holds great potential in the future treatment of cancer (as an alternative to radiation therapy). Alpha Therapy Solutions’ module enables more effective clinical research in this field, thereby being essential for its future establishment as therapy form.

Mimbly change the way we use water by designing and developing innovative solutions aimed to change unsustainable behaviors. Their first product, the Mimbox, is a device that lowers the water and energy consumption of laundry machines, while stopping microplastics. By recycling laundry water, Mimbly’s customers can preserve the environment and save money in the same time, effortlessly. Learn more about Mimbly at

Keynote with 1928 Diagnostics’ CEO & co-founder – Kristina Lagerstedt
The event was finally concluded with a keynote presentation from one of our most successful entrepreneurs – Kristina Lagerstedt. Her company, 1928 Diagnostics was founded by four scientists and entrepreneurs within tech and healthcare to contribute in the combat against one of the greatest threats facing humanity – antibiotic resistance. Learn more about 1928 Diagnostics at

Thank you for your fantastic support, participation and energy! See you all next year!


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