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Month: juni 2016

Masters program plus project equals structuring skills for Evelina.

måndag, 27 juni, 2016

It took Evelina Wängberg a few years of travelling and odd jobs to figure out what she wanted to become when she grew up. When she finally sat down with a catalogue of Chalmers programs, she went for biotechnology. Sure it was interesting enough, but Evelina realised she was a bit too impatient for the […]

24 percent of Swedens largest realestate owners are using Metry to take care of their energy statistics.

onsdag, 22 juni, 2016

The magazine called Fastighetsvärlden recently published their yearly list of the 50 largest realestate owners in Sweden and we are proud to announce that almost one fourth of the real estate owners on the list are using Metry. More and more property owners are making their energy statistics digital. With more data and increased potential […]

Urinkollen wins the Startup Camp.

onsdag, 15 juni, 2016

Today it was time for the Startup Camp Demo day. 9 finalists entered the stage and had 3 minutes to explain what problem they are solving, their solution and market potential.  The winner was Urinkollen that has a unique service that helps woman get prescription against urinary tract infections by doing a medically validated question based test […]